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A Big Announcement, and an On-Camera Appearance

When I started blogging more than 11 years ago, it wasn’t a career path, though I hoped it would lead to food writing as a career. So much has changed since then. Bloggers all over the country and the world have learned how to create family-supporting entrepreneurial endeavors from their writing, photos, video, audio and more. And businesses too have taken notice and are now using blogging as a way to reach current and future customers.

And colleges and universities are starting to prepare students for this too. In fact, Husson University in Bangor, Maine, has hired me to teach a new course for Fall 2017: Professional Blogging. I am so excited to bring my 11+ years of experience to the university classroom and teach the next generation of bloggers how to stand out from the crowd. Now, I am so excited to be preparing to teach professional blogging at Husson University in the fall 2017 semester and so honored to be included in this interesting television segment.

Also, a huge thanks to Catherine Pegram of WABI for this great segment about women in blogging and my new class. I can’t wait to get started!

Check out the Women in Blogging news segment here.

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