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Introducing One-Pot Pasta, A Cookbook for Pasta Lovers

I am so excited to announce the release of my third cookbook, One-Pot Pasta, by Rockridge Press.

This book — made for pasta-lovers like me — features 50 recipes for one-and-done pasta meals. No special equipment needed.

These really are the easiest of easy recipes. For about half the recipes, you toss the ingredients in the pot, stir and cook. The other half of the recipes do require a couple more steps (such as sauteing chicken and then removing it from the pan before cooking the remainder of the ingredients and then stirring it back in). But still very, very easy.

Interested? Scroll down for purchase information.

About the Cookbook

The One-Pot Pasta Cookbook offers the easiest all-in-one recipes for perfect pasta meals.

No straining, no mess, and no stress―cooking pasta doesn’t get simpler than one-pot recipes. The One-Pot Pasta Cookbook offers the easiest, quick-fix recipes for delicious pasta dishes to make homemade dinners happen with minimal time and effort.

From French Onion Linguine to Steak Rigatoni with Arugula, these fresh pasta dishes are all cooked in one pot or pan from start to finish. Using satisfying, staple ingredients that you can find at any grocery store―if you don’t already have them stocked in the kitchen―these simple and delicious recipes are a one-stop solution to everyday meals.

The One-Pot Pasta Cookbook includes:

  • A fool-proof formula for the perfect balance of herbs and spices, protein, veggies, and cheese in every pot.
  • 65 easy recipes that include both all-in-one and step-by-step methods for cheese pastas, veggie pastas, meat pastas, seafood pastas, salads and sides.
  • Handy labels to quickly choose the right recipe from All-In-One, 30 Minutes, Quick Prep, Vegetarian, and more!

One pot is all you need to make dinner delicious and easy. From Ratatouille Orzo to Creamy Gorgonzola Fettuccine with Broccoli, The One-Pot Pasta Cookbook serves up the simplest recipes for one-and-done meals.

Signed copies! Order from The Briar Patch in Bangor, Maine

Also at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Target | A friendly indie near you

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